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10 Things to know when buying a wedding dress

1. Know your budget

Set your limit so that you know how much you will be spending on your wedding dress before you start fitting dresses on. You may fall in love with a dress that is way beyond your price point and you will be disappointed.

2. Know your silhouette

Trying on the wrong style of dress for your body can be discouraging. A wedding dress in a magazine looks different on a model than it will on you.

3. be open to different styles

Often brides decide on a style from pictures before knowing how it will look on you. Be open to trying on different styles because it may surprise you that you love something totally different to what you first had in mind.

4. Keep your location in mind

A ballgown won’t work on a beach. Choose a dress suitable for your setting and style of wedding.

5. Choose the right underwear

Wear underwear to support and flatter your figure, a good bra is especially important or supportive cups if your dress has an open back. Also good shapewear to flatter your curves

6. trust your instincts

Deep down you will have a feeling if the dress is for you. Try not to listen to the opinions of others but go with your gut feeling and heart.

7. share your vision

Let your entourage know what you are thinking in terms of style and what you envision for your wedding day and the look and feel you are trying to achieve. It helps to have those supporting you to have a clear idea to be able to assist you.

8. be open to alterations

Try to envision a dress fitting you properly if the sample size you have tried on needs adjustments. Imagine how it will look fitting you to your measurements.

9. leave room in the budget for extras

When calculating your budget you can forget about extras like veils, belts, jewellery and alterations. Make sure to have some budget backup for these.

10. say YES and stop shopping!

If you find the wedding dress you love, say yes and rest in the fact that you have made your choice.  Don’t let others opinions put you off and stop looking at other wedding dresses. It is also ok to love the first dress you try on. If you know what you love then go with it!

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